A Reminder That One Day You Will Cease To Exist

One day, you will inevitably die. That may sound morbid, but the intention here is to remind ourselves to live a life we truly want rather than being a cog in the system.

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The Philosophy

When you are a little kid, you are a bit of everything—artist, scientist, athlete, scholar. Sometimes, it seems life is like a process of giving those things up, one by one. I guess we all have one thing we regret giving up. One thing we really miss. And we gave up because we were too lazy. We couldn’t stick it out. Or because we were afraid.
—The Wonder Years

Tom Gilovich, professor of Psychology at Cornell University, published a recent study highlighting people's most enduring life regrets while on their death bed.
Across 6 different studies, Gilivitch found that more than 75% of people’s most enduring regrets tend to involve the person they could have been (rather than should have been) but aren’t.
The study, also found that peoples most frequent and persistent regrets involve things they didn’t do and wish they had done rather than the things they did and wish they hadn’t.
As heartbreaking as this finding is, it sheds light on the desirers we want to pursue, but don’t due to fear, judgment, or failure of chasing them.

From what we know, there isn’t a second chance at life. There will come a day when we will find ourselves on our own deathbeds. So, before our last breath, we’d like to establish that it’s not okay to keep putting our dreams and goals off indefinitely. That our future starts now and that now is better than never.


We're two friends on a mission to remind humans that life is finite and to inspire to strive for more than what is considered "reasonable".
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